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[TSH News] Site Recode Update [Sep. 24th, 2008|02:04 pm]
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[Crossposted from Twin Skies Help News Entry]

Adam posted this last night on the Twin Skies Forums -- we're only hours* away!

* - Note: Hours could be anything from 0 to 157.

I thought I'd let you know what's going on. Not that we have to update the site every day, but you know it's nice if we can :)

Basically we started recoding the site, changing the framework, then we started on the icons and the whole thing has just snowballed. We're taking advantage of the downtime to completely strip the way things are done right now and start again.

So for instance, the square and round icons now have this function that displays them, they can have any colour border and they can have rollover states, cool stuff like that. It's mostly backend stuff but its really important (to me at least)

Aaaaanyway right now the site is a bit of a mess, I'm rather embarassed about it. None of the icons work and there are PHP errors all over the place. We should have things back up and running tomorrow or Thursday. This is going to make it much much easier to add content in the future and the pages are loading about 300% quicker which is good news if we ever start to get overloaded.

I really appreciate the way that the Twin Skies Team is keeping us updated instead of just leaving us in the dark -- way to go, TST! :)